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A Silent Running Comic (www.oubapo-america.com)

The drawings are by Matt Madden. I put them together using the gimp.

The rules stated:

Instructions: create a comic using only these 4 panels as your visual sources. You may reproduce the panels as many times as you want. You can write in dialogue, narration or sound effects, but you may not add to or change the drawings. (Or you can disregard these rules.)

It says you can't add things, but it says nothing of deleting things...

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reader comments on this entry:

thu 2005-jul-28 15:50:07 pdt
posted by Beth


fri 2005-aug-26 11:02:27 pdt
posted by

what the fuck is this? It makes no sense! It's not funny! Just shut up and go away!!!

fri 2006-dec-15 10:01:19 pst
posted by Hyacinth

Oh wow... that' so incredibly funny...

I'm still laughing, which is making typing rather difficult...

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