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derf.net - oh, wait a minute, that's not an "other" derf. that's me.

derf.com - home of some company called Derf Electronics Corp. the president's name is Al Derf.

derf.org - home of nothing much right now. the domain is registered to one Owen M Smith. he doesn't seem to be named fred.

derfcity.com - home of a comic strip called "the City", ostensibly by a guy named derf.

Fred "derF" Smith - some guy named fred. he has some links to phish references.

Frederic Cormier - some guy named fred. his site is in french.

fred choi - some guy named fred. he has a bunch of information about stephen sondheim musicals.

derfboy - some guy named fred. actually, this isn't his own site, this is a page on his girlfriend's site. it would appear that she's really into aerosmith.

skrubly/derf - some guy not named fred. at least, i don't think his name is fred. i think his name might be kevin.

derf web - another guy not named fred. his name seems to be johnney. what's up with all these non-fred derfs?

pURe kILLjoy - an independent film, the main character of which is named Fred Derf. i haven't seen it, but really, how bad could it be?

Derf's Cafe - a restaurant in santa barbara. next time i'm in the neighborhood, i'll have to try it. i wonder if their french toast is any good.

Digital Repair Facility - at Auburn University, when you need a computer fixed, you call DRF (pronounced "derf", naturally). cute.

The Great Derf Capture - i have no idea what this page means.

the word "derf" in the jargon file - the etymology of this use of the word "derf" has nothing to do with me, but by an amazing coincidence, the concept of "derfing" someone actually has an unrelated connection to me -- in college, i wrote a shell script called "moron", whose purpose was exactly to "derf" someone, only i called it "moroning" someone. (i also wrote an accompanying script called "unmoron", which undid the moroning.)

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