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what's new?

i once heard about this great conversation, which went something like this:

one:hey, what's new?
one:i said, "what's new?"
two:what's what?
one:new. what's new?
two:what? what are you asking me?
one:new! i'm asking you what's NEW!
two:what? what's what?
one:NEW! NEW!

and so on...

the first guy (the one asking the fateful question) was this guy i knew in college named jay bakhru. for all i know, the story was already greatly exaggerated by the time i heard it. or perhaps it didn't even really happen to him at all. but he told me this story, and i thought it was really funny. so then whenever i saw him, i'd say, "hey jay! what's new?" and he'd say "what?"... or sometimes it would go the other way... it was a fun little game we'd play. i think over my four years at brown, i probably had that conversation with him more times than i had actual conversations with him.

new! new! what's new?

nothing on this site is new anymore.

what's old?

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