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dr whatever

"Doctor Whatever -- globally refreshing elixir -- enliven the senses -- invigorating"

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wed 2006-apr-05 12:52:45 pdt
posted by
bruce Scotland

I am trying to hunt down journrey west/journey east company, makers of this really disgusting beverage called Dr. Whatever. It really is the worst (I can't even call it a beverage) brew I have ever had

thu 2006-oct-26 13:16:37 pdt
posted by catherine

OMG HOW can you say that? Dr. Whatever is the best drink ever made, you just don't know something good even when it slaps you in the face...

tue 2007-feb-06 11:11:45 pst
posted by jll

I agree with Bruce. I want to know is in that stuff. I had one, it tasted like Dr. Pepper, but then all my muscles in my body tensed up really tight and my joints ached. I am still in pain from it two days later. WTF was in it.

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