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thu 2005-aug-04 12:32:54 pdt   ...   permalink

Just came across this article, about a study in which researchers were able, through the power of suggestion, to make people believe they had as a child gotten sick from strawberry ice cream. The same did not work with chocolate chip cookies.

Of the fact that it didn't work for chocolate chip cookies, the article says, "But strawberry ice cream is a rarely eaten food for most people and might be susceptible, the researchers decided."

Okay, so far so good. This all seems fairly unsurprising to me.

However, the researchers claim, "We believe this new finding may have significant implications for dieting."

Um. What? So you're saying you can convince people to not eat something that they already don't eat. And this is meant to help them lose weight how exactly?

Now, to be fair, it could be a case of bad reporting rather than bad science...

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