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tue 2005-apr-05 16:36:44 pdt   ...   permalink

On Friday night we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was good, and not really what I was expecting it to be like. Granted, going in I didn't really know much about it beyond the title; pretty much I'd just heard it was a good indie film (if perhaps a bit hyped for being indie).

Anyway, it does well what it sets out to do. Which is to say, I suppose, that it paints a strong picture of the main character's family -- a bit caricaturish, but you have to figure that that's the point -- and that it's a cute, fun, romantic comedy, if you're into that sort of thing. Which apparently I am.

<spoiler detail="low">

If I were to look for something to complain about, I'd say it's kind of lame how wearing makeup is implied to be critical in the conversion from frumpy to hottie. But you know, whatever.

On the other hand, considering how often the "overcoming the obstacles of tradition for love" story has been told, it does manage to avoid being overly cheesy or "message"y.


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wed 2005-apr-06 11:11:12 pdt
posted by

i liked that movie. i agree about the make up thing, there were some things in it I didn't agree with but all in all it was fun.

I had some insight as I was in a 3 year relationship with a ukrainian person (i saw this movie before my relationship with peter, another ukrainian) and a lot of the family insanity and cultural stuff rang so true ... it totally cracked me up.

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