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Wednesday night we watched Napoleon Dynamite. It's ... um ... odd. And not like The American Astronaut kind of strange (which I dig). I guess its main problem is that the plot is kind of lacking direction; it just sort of rambles along for a while.

On the other hand, the characters are fabulous. Good thing too, because their eccentricities (mostly Napoleon's, but the other characters' as well) basically have to sustain the film. They do manage to do so, but really, putting those characters into a stronger story would have made a much better film. (And I don't think that statement is quite vacuous, though it may be close.)

Another thing, which I could see someone complaining about, but which I think I actually liked, is the fact that you can't really place it in time -- it's kind of a retro-present-day setting, where many elements come across as very 1980's (or perhaps early 1990's?), but with things like cell phones and the internet thrown in as well.

So anyway, I did enjoy it, just with minor caveats.

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mon 2005-jun-13 09:15:44 pdt
posted by JenX

I found I liked it better after I thought about it for a while. Seeing scenes again are more amusing than the first time around. I did laugh the first time, but my appreciation grew.

mon 2005-jun-13 12:44:22 pdt
posted by

I thought NP would have been better as an After-School Special. It seemed a long way to go for the impact it delivers and manages to repeat some of the humor until the question isn't "does the horse have the legs for this run" but "will the dogs like it".

American Astronaut, which had a similar theme about sophomoric maturity and the awkward finding their places, it ain't.

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