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Saturday we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was great fun! Naturally it invites comparison to the 1971 film, though unfortunately I don't really remember that version all that well...

<spoiler detail="low">

I really enjoyed Johnny Depp's performance, perhaps better than Gene Wilder's (though again, it's hard to compare due to my lack of memory). I liked the way Depp's Willy Wonka just had no idea how to relate to people, and kids in particular; as opposed to my vague recollection of Wilder's Willy Wonka, which was more that he more just didn't like children. I especially liked that we got to see back-story of Willy Wonka's life.

The Oompa Loompas were great. I loved that they were all the same actor. And their musical numbers were fun. Apparently every Oompa Loompa actually represents a separate performance by Deep Roy, they didn't just duplicate him in software. And there are a lot of them. I also liked that theirs were the only musical numbers -- no cheesy "I've got a golden ticket" song or such.

My two favorite moments were as the glass elevator is quickly flying through the factory: "I'd rather not talk about that" as they go by a sheep; and the puppet hospital and burn unit, "a recent addition".

And finally, without giving too much away, I liked the ending better than what I remember the original film's ending being.


All in all, a very well done adaptation.

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