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fri 2004-sep-24 01:00:47 pdt   ...   permalink

So last week I went to the DNA Lounge, my favorite nightclub. Not that I go clubbing enough to have a favorite club, mind you, but jwz (the geek who owns it) is awesome. And I like the geek crowd that it attracts.

Anyway, so the last couple times I've gone dancing at the DNA, I've worn one of my usual purple and yellow outfits, but the trouble is that once I get to the club, I don't actually look interesting because it's mostly just dark, and so my colorfulness is not particularly visible. So I figured what I really need is a good clubbing t-shirt (or two). Basically my theory for what would qualify as a clubbing t-shirt was anything that would fluoresce under blacklight... Perhaps a black t-shirt with white text saying something pithy and clever.

As it happens, a few weeks ago I saw these two t-shirts at Target: "I do all my own stunts" with a stick figure falling down, and "Keep staring, I might do a trick", both in white text on black. Now, both of these I'd seen before -- at juggling festivals. And both of them I'd thought maybe were meant to be juggling shirts ... until I saw them at Target, and then I understood: the meaning intended by whoever created these shirts was rather different from the meaning it bore on the chest of a juggler at a juggling festival.

Specifically, "Keep staring, I might do a trick" is meant to be worn by someone with freaky hair, say, such that people are already staring at them a lot, and so they make fun of those staring people by wearing this shirt. Though I guess "I do all my own stunts" isn't really all that different when worn by a juggler, except that, well, they do in fact in some sense perform stunts. But I digress.

So anyway, the point is, I'd seen these shirts at Target, and then realized I wanted to get "I do all my own stunts" to wear to the DNA. So, um, I went to Target and bought it. Yup. Okay, there's no punchline. Maybe the digression was really the point here, not this paragraph. Move along.

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mon 2004-dec-13 15:57:48 pst
posted by Julia

Hey, Fred! It's the other purple-haired one, I got your blog from Lee's LJ. I somehow (NO clue how) talked my mom into buying me a pair of boxers with the "I do all my own stunts" stick-figure on it. The meaning is even more clear on that particular article of clothing. (They're also very comfortable, which is the reason I wear boxers in the first place.)

tue 2005-jan-11 14:42:10 pst
posted by Can't believe this site exists

I can't believe people actually analyse mundane things like this enough to write it on an internet forum. You guys need to get a life seriously. The shirt is funny yes but it dissecting it in novel like form destroys the humour.

tue 2005-jan-11 15:41:12 pst
posted by

Wow, my first "get a life" blog comment. How exciting!

And incidentally, I'd like to let the record show that Mr. "Can't believe" found this page by searching for ["My own stunts" shirt], for which this page is the top result. In fact I'm even the top result for ["i do all my own stunts"]. Keen.

mon 2005-aug-01 11:13:49 pdt
posted by nav

I think the 'I do my own stunts' tshirt (which I just picked up at Target- yay!) is a parody of Hollywood celebs that boast they 'do their own stunts' (as opposed to having a stuntperson stand-in for them..

wed 2006-mar-08 09:38:06 pst
posted by Laura

I just saw the "I do my own stunts" t-shirt - in the toddler boy's section - at Target yesterday. I almost bought it for my son and then didn't, and now I'm having buyer's remorse so I did a little search online to see if it was available on their website (it's not) and found you! I can't believe the shirt is still at Target a year and a half later. Weird. Anyway, I thought it would be pretty funny on a 2-year-old, especially since he's such a fearless little psycho child, always climbing and jumping from everything.

Anyway! Just a little hello from Colorado!

mon 2006-jun-19 15:20:06 pdt
posted by dENVER

A freind of mine bought the I DO MY OWN STUNTS t-shirt this weekend. He got it for me because no matter what I do I can hurt my self, recently I was playing with my dog in the back yard and fell and fractured my leg in 3 places. This shirt fits me very nicley

fri 2007-feb-09 06:48:30 pst
posted by Jinxt

I've only seen this 'I do all my own stunts' t-shirt on Adam Savage on 'Mythbusters' on the Discovery channel. *Waves self-consciously from UK*

fri 2007-oct-12 15:41:20 pdt
posted by emily

just wanted to let you know your phoblog cracks me up and i found this site with a 'mushroom picking spokane' search.

just a tip for finding your story has no real point when you get to the end- 'then i found five dollars.' it spices up any tale.

mon 2007-oct-22 21:09:09 pdt
posted by Brent

Ha! Another person looking for a T-shirt... found some here online http://www.cafepress.com/idomyownstunts I'm getting the hockey player one because I've played pick up hockey one night a week for the past five seasons and I'm still a bit of a goon on the ice due to my inexperience. I think the T-shirt says it all.

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