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Article about gender in robots...

Basically, the theory is that as robots become more integrated into our lives, it will become more important that they have associated genders. I'm not so sure. I mean, certainly the gender of humans affects how we interact with them. But does that mean that in the absence of gender we are just unable to conceive of how to interact with an entity? Plus, for something like the Roomba, which is not at all humanoid, does gender even have any effect at all? I certainly interact with a cat in exactly the same way whether it is in fact male or female. Honestly, I don't even really think of cats as having gender at all, hence the use of the pronoun "it". And the Roomba seems a lot more like a cat than a person.

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mon 2007-may-28 13:47:02 pdt
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I see no reason to assign gender to robots, and it wouldn't bother me to live in a world where I'm surrounded by them

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