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the vast unicycle conspiracy   ...   100% true stories , unicycle
tue 2005-may-03 16:34:30 pdt   ...   permalink

This is getting kind of weird.

So last tuesday, as I was unicycling along at Stanford, one of the horde of bicyclists going the other way said to me, "Why are there so many people around on unicycles?" Not at all the type of question I usually get asked when I'm unicycling along. I looked at her kind of startledly and said, "uh, I wasn't aware that there were so many people around on unicycles!" There may have been more to the exchange than that, but not much, as we were going opposite directions. A little odd, I thought, but that's not the weird part.

it gets weirder... )

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non-mountain unicycle   ...   random thoughts , unicycle
fri 2005-feb-25 14:29:26 pst   ...   permalink

Yesterday I switched back to my non-mountain unicycle. And man, those short cranks are weird! It feels like I'm riding a little toy unicycle with tiny little cranks. First time I got on it, my foot flew right off the pedal because it was trying to trace out a much larger circle. The rest of the day, every time I got on, it felt weird. I've been riding that Miyata for 12 years (and a similar Miyata for another 6 years or so before that), and after just a week and a half (including a 16-mile ride, granted) on a big fancy muni, the Miyata is already strange and unfamiliar.

Oh, and the other thing I forgot to mention about Seth's muni is the KH seat! When I first started riding the KH24, I immediately fell in love with the seat. And indeed, going back to my Miyata yesterday, it felt like I was sitting on a metal plate. I guess the 12-year-old foam isn't very squishy any more, but even brand new, I don't think the Miyata seat holds a candle to the KH. If I'm going to continue riding the 20-inch, I'll definitely need to see if I can get a KH seat for it. The problem, I suspect, will be getting one on a seat post of the right size for the Miyata.

I definitely still like the smaller wheel. For one thing, I noticed the extra maneuverability several times during the day (for example, tight turns that I was able to make more easily than I'd been able to on the muni). And easily getting up to high RPMs sure is fun.

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mountain unicycle   ...   random thoughts , unicycle
tue 2005-feb-22 17:21:38 pst   ...   permalink

So last Sunday I went on a 16-mile mountain unicycle ride (or "muni ride" as those in the know call it, and yes we know that makes it sound like we're riding the bus in San Francisco).

way more detail than you probably care to read regarding the ride and my thoughts about choice of unicycles )

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unicircle   ...   phone photos , unicycle
sat 2004-oct-16 15:32:31 pdt   ...   permalink


forest unicycle circle

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where's your other wheel?   ...   100% true stories , unicycle
tue 2004-sep-28 12:02:29 pdt   ...   permalink

As I was unicycling along, I saw a guy walking a bike which was missing its front wheel. I said to him, "Wow, people usually tell me I'm missing a wheel."

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