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Yesterday I switched back to my non-mountain unicycle. And man, those short cranks are weird! It feels like I'm riding a little toy unicycle with tiny little cranks. First time I got on it, my foot flew right off the pedal because it was trying to trace out a much larger circle. The rest of the day, every time I got on, it felt weird. I've been riding that Miyata for 12 years (and a similar Miyata for another 6 years or so before that), and after just a week and a half (including a 16-mile ride, granted) on a big fancy muni, the Miyata is already strange and unfamiliar.

Oh, and the other thing I forgot to mention about Seth's muni is the KH seat! When I first started riding the KH24, I immediately fell in love with the seat. And indeed, going back to my Miyata yesterday, it felt like I was sitting on a metal plate. I guess the 12-year-old foam isn't very squishy any more, but even brand new, I don't think the Miyata seat holds a candle to the KH. If I'm going to continue riding the 20-inch, I'll definitely need to see if I can get a KH seat for it. The problem, I suspect, will be getting one on a seat post of the right size for the Miyata.

I definitely still like the smaller wheel. For one thing, I noticed the extra maneuverability several times during the day (for example, tight turns that I was able to make more easily than I'd been able to on the muni). And easily getting up to high RPMs sure is fun.

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