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sat 2004-may-29 02:04:17 pdt   ...   permalink

Woohoo. I've got a blog now. Exciting, isn't it?

I've written the underlying software myself. This has a number of advantages, but one disadvantage is that I don't yet have an RSS feed or a commenting system. These will be along shortly (for some definition of "shortly").

The entries before this one were written while I was developing the code to drive this system. The comics section was populated with pre-existing content. Some of the other pre-existing content from my site may eventually be converted to be part of the blog as well. When I do that, I think I'll probably back-date them, but I'll at least post a new entry up here linking back to such entries.

Right now, the phone photos are not properly integrated as true blog entries, but hey, they show up on the front page, so that should be good enough for now. Once I have commenting set up though, I'll definitely need to properly integrate the two codebases.


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sun 2004-jun-13 14:16:11 pdt
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Well, do be sure to let us know when you've got an RSS feed!

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