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tue 2004-jun-01 21:36:27 pdt   ...   permalink

My commenting system is up and running! Woo. Give it a whirl, let me know if you notice any problems with it -- I've tested it some, but of course you never know...

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tue 2004-jun-01 21:46:12 pdt
posted by

Whee, here's a comment.

Also, when I say "let me know if you notice any problems", I mean really anything, even minor cosmetic details... :)

thu 2004-jun-03 13:48:10 pdt
posted by zoe

Lets see if it works for me...

So it doesn't look like you have set up a way to have threads of comments on comments. Is that a deliberate choice on your part, or is that a feature to look forward to?

thu 2004-jun-03 16:52:21 pdt
posted by neilfred

Well, mostly it was just simpler to implement without threading. But really, I'm not sure that threading adds that much to something like this. You can always disambiguate what you're responding to by quoting it, and moreover, this way the new stuff always appears at the bottom. (I find that the threading on livejournal makes it hard to find the new comments when coming back to an entry on which I've already read most of the comments.)

Plus I figure big multi-branch conversations will not be real common anyway...

Incidentally, it was a deliberate choice to ensure that the blog entry and all past comments are visible while you're typing your comment. It's annoying having to click 'back' (or remember to open in a new tab when replying) all the time, especially given that sometimes when you go 'forward' again, the text you had typed might be gone.

One feature that you can look forward to is a "remember my info" checkbox which will store your name/email/url in a cookie.

fri 2004-jun-04 20:40:08 pdt
posted by zoe

Why is there no way to comment on phone photos?

sat 2004-jun-05 12:48:33 pdt
posted by neilfred

Why is there no way to comment on phone photos?

See this earlier entry... I'll fix it soon.

mon 2004-jun-07 01:05:54 pdt
posted by lenore

this is a comment. testing...1...2...3...

thu 2004-jul-08 05:04:21 pdt
posted by Seth

Hey, you didn't tell me you had a blog again.

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