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Okay, beta version of my RSS feed is now available. I've tested it a bit with bloglines and my yahoo!'s new RSS module, and they seem to deal reasonably well with it (though not exactly the same as each other). Let me know what RSS aggregator you're using and how well my feed works there.

Eventually, I'm planning to extend this so you'll be able to subscribe to a feed for the whole site, or a feed for individual sections of the site, or even a feed for each entry, with comments appearing as new items in the feed.

I might also rig up something so you can sign up to receive email notifications of new posts.


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mon 2004-aug-23 01:20:38 pdt
posted by

Unless you posted a lot of things at 8/23/04 01:12 am all of these came through at once:

neilfredblogsyn :: new wall
neilfredblogsyn :: poor journalism
neilfredblogsyn :: singing nuns
neilfredblogsyn :: text messaging mailing lists
neilfredblogsyn :: S1m0ne
neilfredblogsyn :: Miranda
neilfredblogsyn :: replacement phone
neilfredblogsyn :: non-functional
neilfredblogsyn :: The Station Agent
neilfredblogsyn :: photos now commentable
neilfredblogsyn :: Coffee and Cigarettes
neilfredblogsyn :: dot-buffalo
neilfredblogsyn :: mist
neilfredblogsyn :: slippery
neilfredblogsyn :: niagara
neilfredblogsyn :: doors
neilfredblogsyn :: The Nightmare Before Christmas
neilfredblogsyn :: credit card

mon 2004-aug-23 01:25:42 pdt
posted by neilfred

I think that's because that's the time at which LJ first checked the feed (because you told it to), and so it considers them all to have been posted at that time. Which of course means that at the moment your LJ friends page is full of me, but in a day or two, they'll be buried and it'll be useful the way it should be.

In fact, now that LJ knows about it, I wonder whether non-paid accounts can also subscribe to "neilfredblogsyn"...

fri 2004-dec-10 15:38:23 pst
posted by Nikita

Do you have any idea why LJ is having trouble parsing your RSS these day?

Last checked: 2004-12-10 14:32:00 (Parse error) Error Message: RSS parser error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 76, column 19, byte 4248 Next check: 2004-12-10 17:33:00

fri 2004-dec-10 15:51:30 pst
posted by neilfred

Thanks for pointing that out to me! I had an ampersand character unescaped in there. Hopefully I've fixed it now...

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