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Google has announced a new initiative to eliminate the problem of blog comment spam. Basically the idea is that site providers (or more importantly, blog software developers) can mark links that were posted by users as distinct from links actually put there by the site maintainers. This way Google can ignore user-created links for the purposes of computing Page Rank, thus removing the incentive for the online casinos and pharmacies to post comment spam in the first place. w00t!

Since this blog is not driven by Movable Type, the scripts that automate the comment spam posting process don't work here, and as a result, I haven't really had a problem with comment spam. (I did get one once, which was really strange, since it means someone must have posted it by hand...) But I figured I would go ahead and make the (very simple) changes in my code anyway, so that I now conform to it. Now I guess the question arises of whether I should go back and modify all the existing comments, just for the sake of consistency...

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wed 2005-jan-19 19:47:16 pst
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Here's some comment spam, just to test it. Check out this exciting web site, you'll love it.

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