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Last week I received two emails regarding the "Pint Pal", from people who apparently thought they were contacting the maker of the item:

I need some info. on the pint pal ice cream koozie: I have a client that is a vendor to Wal-Mart and is interested in getting 250 to 2000 of these. I need them to be gold in color with a 3 color imprint on the side. Could someone please contact me with info. about this. Feel free to call me at [phone number] Thanks...

And the second one:

How can I get one? My local grocer does not have them

So I checked, and sure enough I'm the top result on Google for [pint pal]. That's kind of wacky, as is the fact that these people decided to email me. But what's really wacky is that I got these two emails the same day. Was the Pint Pal perhaps featured on tv somewhere or something? Who knows. I suppose I could email these people back and ask.

(And speaking of queries for which I am inappropriately the top result, see this entry -- note the second and third comments.)

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