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Tonight we went to see Garden State -- it was great! I'm not really sure where to begin in explaining what I liked about it. I guess to a great extent it's lots of little details about it that I enjoyed. But no, I think that makes it sound more frivolous or something than it is. The overall, I dunno, gestalt of the film just worked really well.

One of the details I liked was, near the beginning of the movie, all the different people that he comes across who he knew back in high school and who never left town, and their reactions to seeing him again, and what they've heard about him or what they remember about him, or whatever... All those little interactions were great. Another thing was all the various seemingly random quirks that the different characters had, which made them seem very real, not just generic stock mid-twenties suburban characters, or whatever. Natalie Portman's character is especially fabulous, and her acting is great.

So yeah, overall, it's not really a plot movie, it's more a character-development movie, with characters that are compelling enough to make it work. Good writing, good acting, and even some nice cinematography to boot. There should be more films like this.

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