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Last night we watched Saved! (rented the DVD). It was fun, the cast all did a great job, and the script was mostly very well done. Plus it was nice to see that Macaulay Culkin can actually act. My only real complaint is that at a couple points it got a little heavy-handed in banging you over the head with the message. But overall, it didn't really do that too too much.

I'm inclined to compare it to But I'm A Cheerleader, though it was quite a while ago that I saw that. But from what I remember, this is a similar sort of silly-funny, though I think it's not taken to quite the same degree of silliness. But on the other hand, it's perhaps a little more compelling of a story, probably in part due to being less silly.

Anyway, I recommend it. Especially for any intolerant, bigoted, fundamentalist Christians (of whom I'm sure tons will read this). Well, okay, probably the film wouldn't really convince such people of anything, but hey, it couldn't hurt to have them watch it.

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