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sun 2004-sep-12 00:25:59 pdt   ...   permalink

Tonight we went to see We Don't Live Here Anymore (at the spiffy new theater at Santana Row). It was really good -- the four lead actors all do a great job, especially Mark Ruffalo. Also the cinematography and editing are great; many really nice shots and cuts.

The characters' relationships are very real, and their communication issues very believable. On the rare occasions when one person tries to actually open up some communication, the other quickly shuts it down... Really my only complaint, which isn't really a complaint about the film, is that watching people fucking up their relationships -- especially with lies and cheating -- is frustrating, most of all when they clearly never even begin to question the assumption of monogamy. In particular, the notion that "I love this one person" is always considered to imply "I don't love this other person", that notion always bugs me.

In any case, the movie is very well done, and I very much enjoyed it.

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thu 2004-sep-16 19:42:07 pdt
posted by

I think I'm going to say that boolean logic is almost wholly inapplicable in interpersonal problem domains.

thu 2004-sep-16 20:49:03 pdt
posted by neilfred

I'm not sure how much I agree with that -- I think it is actually more applicable than most people think it is -- but regardless, I wasn't making a point based on boolean logic.

fri 2004-sep-17 15:01:50 pdt
posted by lexical_closure

Well, hmm.

I sort of think fuzzy logic is better than boolean logic here.

But either way, you're right in that love(x) does not imply !love(y) (and vice versa)

fri 2004-sep-17 15:12:49 pdt
posted by lexical_closure

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think that logic in general doesn't really apply ...

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