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Last night we watched La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher). It's a French film that gives an intriguing and disturbing look at this woman's relationships and whatnot. It certainly held my interest the whole time, but I found the end rather unsatisfying. In fact it was really quite humorous just how amazingly unsatisfying the ending was -- to the point that in a weird way I think I actually liked the film more for it!

One thing that I liked (more than the weird ending) was what I guess falls under the heading of cinematography. For example, there were a number of long shots of a person's face as s/he listens to music being played. There were a number of points where I was conscious of aspects of the filming or editing being different from most (American) movies. And not in a distracting way.

Anyway, so I'm not sure I would necessarily recommend it, but I certainly wouldn't disrecommend it. And if you're looking for ... I dunno, a thought-provoking film involving fucked-up characters, then give it a shot. Especially if you don't mind being left saying "huh?"...

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