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Last night (Friday night), we watched Princess Mononoke. I enjoyed it, though certainly not as much as I enjoyed Spirited Away.

It's interesting that they have big-name American (and British) actors doing the voices in the English-language version. But Billy Bob Thornton I thought was a poor choice for Jigo. He somehow didn't seem to fit. Maybe it's just that his voice is so distinctive, so mapping it onto an animated character is weird. And the others it mostly didn't seem to matter that they were famous, though I suppose it probably helped to sell tickets when it was in theaters.

Anyway, I liked the way that the film successfully portrays several characters (most notably Eboshi and San) who are basically out to kill each other, all as fairly sympathetic characters. Ashitaka's "why can't we all just get along" outlook is a little cheesy, but, well, it kind of has to be, I suppose.

I also notice that Miyazaki has a thing about ooze...

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