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Last night (Friday) we watched Scotland, PA, an adaptation of MacBeth to a 1970's fast food restaurant. I'm actually not all that familiar with the play, as I never had to read it in high school, and I don't think I've ever seen a production of it. So really I'm not sure how closely the film follows the play. But regardless, it's quite well done. Funnier than Shakespeare's version too, I expect.

I really liked the way Pat and Mac gradually go insane. Maura Tierney especially does a great job... And the brief appearances of the witches (one of whom is played by Andy Dick) are fun.

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sun 2005-jan-30 21:18:15 pst
posted by iphy

Yeah. Macbeth is a tragedy. Not a comedy.

A possible other source through which you might have gained some familiarity with it would be Kurasawa's "Throne of Blood".

tue 2005-feb-01 15:54:51 pst
posted by

This has nothing to do with your movie commentary, but just wanted to say hi and to tell you that:

1. I wrote the first draft of a novel in the month of December and I named the main character's boyfriend after you.

2. Melissa and I were thinking of your family because her fiance has a job possibility in Lebanon and the only thing we know about Lebanon is that your dad is from there and that if teenagers were more interested in things other than themselves we might have taken the initiative to learn something about it back in high school.

3. I just had dinner with Sandor from Urban who agreed wtih me that there has never been a better production of Godot than the one you did in '90 (right year?).

Hope all is well with you and yours.

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