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mon 2004-oct-18 21:40:43 pdt   ...   permalink

On Saturday night we went to see Shaun of the Dead. It was great! Good acting, clever script... Overall, it's just brilliantly executed.

I think my favorite aspect was all the little things going on in the background near the beginning of the film, before Shaun has figured out what's going on, when he's too preoccupied with the stuff going on in his life to notice.

I've never seen any serious (not trying to be funny) zombie movies, but I suspect that I probably would have found them more funny than scary anyway... Shaun of the Dead does a great job of playing up exactly the aspects that make the genre funny in the first place, while also creating believable characters that we care about.

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thu 2004-oct-21 14:18:56 pdt
posted by

Yeah, I totally agree with you. It was a mix between funny and serious. I, myself, loved the movie while my friends didn't quite care for it. Oh well, I enjoyed it. Cool site too!

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