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On Friday night we went to see I Heart Huckabees. It was excellent! As I was laughing to myself during the end credits, Lisa commented that it was a very me movie. I think it goes right up there with Being John Malkovich in terms of the "How would anyone think to write that script??" factor, though it's very differently weird. Maybe less surreal and more ... well, no, just differently surreal, I suppose.

I must say, the concept of the existential detective agency is just completely brilliant, and the execution of that premise far exceeded the expectations that I had formed based on a preview which gave away very little beyond that premise and the ensemble cast of many big names, all of whom did a great job.

So I definitely recommend it, and like many films I recommend, I don't want to say too much about it, because I think knowing less about it going in is probably better. But I feel that my recommendation must come with the caveat that people who wouldn't like this kind of movie probably wouldn't like it. However, I'm really not sure what "this kind of movie" is, or how to describe the set of people who wouldn't like it in a less tautological way. Maybe a good litmus test is whether or not the notion of an existential detective agency seems like a great idea to you. Then again, if you're not sure why it might be, you still might love the film.

So, um, yeah. Draw your own conclusions. Or just go see it.

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