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sat 2004-dec-11 01:24:28 pst   ...   permalink

Went to see Kinsey tonight. It's really well done. For one thing, it includes probably one of the best poly scenes of modern American cinema!

But that particular aspect (which is not really central) aside, the story is very well told, and the cast are all terrific. And I'd say it conveys pretty well the message that our society's puritanism is ridiculous... Though I suppose mainstream puritanical America probably wouldn't see it that way. Ah well.

Anyway, I definitely recommend it without hesitation.

Plus, well, it's about sex.

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sun 2004-dec-12 00:37:11 pst
posted by

I saw Kinsey recently, too. I liked it a lot, and agree that the poly part was very good.

I was surprised by how graphically sexual it was, and even more surprised to learn, after seeing it, that it was R (rather than NC17) rated. I guess that's just further evidence that I'm a huge prude.

It had great footage during the credits... One of my favorite credit sequences ever.

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