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So last night we watched Melvin Goes to Dinner. It was fabulous. The screenplay is just brilliant -- all the way through really, but particularly at the end. And the acting is terrific; the actors who play the four main characters had already spent several months performing the play on which the film is based (and one of those four actors wrote the play and the screenplay), so they clearly know the characters inside-out, and they play off each other really well.

After watching it, I actually wanted to watch it again, so we watched the commentary track. This had some interesting stuff in it, but overall wasn't really worthwhile. I think I would have preferred to have simply watched the movie itself again. Since the commentary track rarely actually referred much to the scenes of the film on which the commentary was overlaid, it wasn't really much like watching the film again but with commentary; it was mostly just like listening to the cast talk about stuff...

In any case, the DVD also has a great bonus feature called "The Frank International Film Festival", which is a short mockumentary about the film being screened at a festival consisting of this one guy named Frank. It was awesome.

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