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fri 2005-jan-07 20:01:43 pst   ...   permalink

Just remembered I hadn't yet written that on tuesday evening we watched our first NetFlix DVD, Blow Dry, a British film about a hairdressing competition. It's fun, if a bit predictable.

This led me to wonder whether there really exist hairdressing competitions, and whether they bear any resemblance to those in the movie. A little hunting (very little, really) turned up this one, which does in fact include a "total look" category. Wacky.

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sat 2005-jan-08 08:18:00 pst
posted by JenX

I love that movie. I believe the guy in it (from Drew Carey) is going to take over as a talk show host for someone.

sat 2005-jan-08 22:38:47 pst
posted by

I think you're thinking of The Big Tease, a different hairdressing movie...

sun 2005-mar-06 17:23:36 pst
posted by Tha´s

Why shouldn't there be hairdressing competitions? There is for everything else! I've seen this movie & I think it's brilliant - the acting is first class & it's funny, poignant & downright brutal all at the same time, without sex, nudity or bad language! Has to be a first.

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