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sat 2005-jan-15 18:44:48 pst   ...   permalink

Last night we watched The Terminal. It was cute... I liked much of it. But there were also a number of not-very-satisfying aspects.

<spoiler detail="low">

So, first of all, Viktor's purpose in coming to America -- to get that one remaining autograph for his dead father -- was pretty irrelevant to most of the movie. Which meant that when he achieves that goal at the end, it's kind of a "so what?" moment.

And then there was the fact that when Amelia gets him the one-day visa, Dixon won't sign it -- through so much of the film, Dixon apparently just wanted to get him out of the airport, and didn't care how; so why is Dixon now all of a sudden so intent on sending him home and not allowing him into New York?

My other complaints all involve believability of various things, but really, well, the whole premise of the movie requires enough suspension of disbelief that it just seems silly to nitpick over those kinds of things.


But in any case, overall it was, well, like I said, it was cute.

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