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Watched Spider-Man last night (which, somewhat surprisingly, I didn't manage to see when it came out). It's quite fun. I liked the ways that they updated the story/premise to this decade, while keeping a very comic-book-feel...

The most significant example of that was that they chose to have the webbing be biological rather than mechanical as it was in the comics. On the one hand, I feel like Peter Parker's ingenuity is really central to the character, and the fact that in the comics, some of his superhero "powers" were of his own invention rather than direct by-products of the radioactive spider bite was an important part of that. But on the other hand, it's definitely true that having a high school kid invent such a powerful adhesive would not be at all believable, even in this context where we're already accepting that the bite by the (in this case genetically-engineered rather than radioactive) spider gives him the ability to hang onto walls and things. And they did do a good job of making him an entirely plausible geek, so that in the scheme of things, they weren't really changing his character by going this route.

Guess I'll have to bump the sequel up a bit in the Netflix queue...

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